but the real question here is if Jaina will wear a bikini in the Beach!Episode

no, but she will be 50% of the sweeps week lesbian kiss so

my bet’s on Tyrande what about u

Tyrande will wear a bikini and be in the lesbian kiss but still be Malfurion’s g/f and he’s just like wat is going on I just wanna go back to Agriculture class omg

Who is on the football team and who is the coach etc

arthas is the head of the football team obv

and illidan is the socially isolated ~~bad boy~~ who’s also sort of a giant douchebag (kael’thas is the promising freshie whom he takes under his gross spiny wing) 

as for the dragons nozdormu is a GIANT NERD (and chromie is one of those perky whovian chicks who uses british slang for everything despite being 201% american) alexstrazsa is that one one girl who’s the head of every club ever and loved by everyone blah blah ysera is bright but falls asleep in class all the time deathwing is an emo shithead and kalec is banging everyone in the school except jaina

Actually I’d say Varian is the head of the football team, and while Arthas is on the varsity football team he really really wants to be the quarterback. 

Uther is coach obv.