Today is the first day of Suicide Prevention Week.

This is something that is very very important to me as I’ve gone into the hospital after an attempted suicide and have been struggling with thoughts of suicide and self harm ever since.

If you know someone that might attempt suicide at any time, please don’t just send them asks or make a post asking people to talk to them. That’s great, but it’s also not enough and they could take their life anyways.

Please refer them to this link if they’re a tumblr friend. Make sure they click on something there and keep them updating you on their status.

If you know them in real life, get ahold of their parents/guardians if they’re a minor and if they’re not, get ahold of someone who can  stay with them until you know they will be safe.

If you know they have already attempted suicide, you need to call for help. Call 911 if you have to. Call someone- their parents, the local authorities, even a crisis line can help you get someone to them.

And here, lastly: Wear a little yellow on your blog today.