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While I’m not really doing the WoW thing as much anymore I’m STILL really into my boy and love this picture of Tev from @ramavatarama-o-rama

Two half-dragon boys I got from @GIUMS1

Was really glad I could help the kids at the Alberta Children’s Hospital as a part of @weremagnus​ Extra Life campaign!

Here’s a cool tevrugos!


He screams

Tev and Lance having a full anime sparring match, by @1221s

Got an updated version of Tevruden from @naariel since i’ve settled on a design for him

Got this commission of Tevruden from @NoteszB and they ABSOLUTELY NAILED him.

The eyes, the tendrils, the face is just 👌

(my fav thing is the fangs)

More of vorkai Tevrugos, this time from @treatscraft