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This Tuesday, Tevruden is contemplating how long its going to take for him to get his armor repaired, and what excuse to give the Royal Armorsmith after this picture.

If that weredragon transformation didn’t ruin it, the dragon one did.

The boy, and his dragon/weredragon forms!

(🎨: @forsty)

Tevruden’s change into his dragon form is never consistent, especially with the wings.

Sometimes it’s current arms into wings, sometimes it’s growing new wings.

One of the most important thing Tevruden has learned, now that he transforms into a dragon…

…is how he needs to be VERY careful about sneezing.

Tev may keep his sense of self, but that also means keeping the knowledge of exactly what he’s capable of, and the little voice in the back of his head that worries over little control he really has over what what’s happening to him.