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Deeeer Tev!

@wethatkindoforc​ reminded that my boy looks pretty good as a cervitaur, and i should run off with that other version:


the fact that I am missing out on a PERFECTLY good “Kirin-taur” pun by using this with voidyboy and not Tevrugos is not lost on me

Tevrugos has been been like three different kinds of taur someone else gets a turn now

Was really glad I could help the kids at the Alberta Children’s Hospital as a part of @weremagnus​ Extra Life campaign!

Here’s a cool tevrugos!

More of vorkai Tevrugos, this time from @treatscraft

So Tevrugos decided to turn himself into a vorkai.  

I’m officially stealing “Tevorkai” from Benchflip, and christening this as such.

The nice thing about having an OC that’s a shapeshifting dragon is that I can basically turn him into whatever looks cool.