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Even as decent as he is with necromancy, Tev still thinks ghouls are dumb.
His favorite thing to do when fighting multiple enemies is slicing them in half until he gets to the person he wants to fight.
Tev and Feiyn snuck off to smooch at least three times during the Seige of Orgrimmar. This is why it lasted 14 months.
Tev will kill you if you try to touch his hair without permission.
He’s done that last one at least once before.


Tev prefers to wield his runeblade in his left hand but is equally proficient with both.

Having raised him, Tev still has the ability to exert his will on Kyragos, but honestly it’s just much easier to ask him to do stuff.

Unless he’s just killed someone, Tev’s armor is spotless.

Even when his armor is spotless, he still smells like death.