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Dante: You can become a different type of dragon!? Is that Allowed??
: I didn’t know becoming a dragon was allowed in the first place!

Looks like Tevruden is celebrating the year of the dragon (even if he doesn’t want to.)

“The naga thing isn’t why customers won’t be bothering him with stupid questions for the next month, like I promised, but he’s half dragon, and Xenodermus is the dragon snake.

…Plus, his boss is about to walk by and tell him ’the schedule changed so all you’ve got is a break now.’ Which is juuuust about how long this will last.” –[REDACTED] seeing an opportunity for a fakeout on @volentis boy Ayrens.

I wanted to re-visit the awkward teenage lizard stage, but this time, Tevruden gets to destroy his armor too!

Prince Dante and Tevruden were out in the city and Tev smells something… leading to secret passageway.

After a mini-adventure they find what Tev was smelling was a large pile of gold.

..with predictable effects.

( 🎨: @brownsdragon)

WHOOPS, looks like Ayrens forgot it was Halloween!

Luckily his super realistic dragon “costume” is a hit with the kids.

(Thanks to @volentis for letting me borrow his boy)

Tevruden was spared his tail ripping holes in his pants this time, but it looks like its going to be just a temporary reprieve!

@fox2210/@shadesmcgee did such an excellent job with all the small details on this!

love that forepaw.

If you’re wondering why I’ve been quiet lately, Tevruden has been, well….

A bit tied up with things.

Tevruden’s change into his dragon form is never consistent, especially with the wings.

Sometimes it’s current arms into wings, sometimes it’s growing new wings.

Not entirely sure where Tev went for his vacation yesterday, but I doubt he’s gonna recommend it now that he needs a flea collar