a public service announcement

i LIKE mud, though. i LIKE diluted color palettes.

but this might be fun to play with.

I’m afraid ‘real artists’ have been using cadmiums for years. If certain colors don’t mix, so that’s when you haul out a different color. Choose your palette as you like. Experiment with different tubes of paint. ‘Mud’ can be sexy, and don’t let other people tell you what ‘real’ artists do.  By all means try the colors above, but don’t throw cadmiums or cobalts under the bus. .. Don’t eat them by any means… but yeah. 

I get a hair up my ass when someone tries to tell me what ‘real artists’ do or should do.


Let’s also mention that one of the reasons printing uses the CMYK model is that inks and pigments aren’t perfect and 100% cyan + 100%  magenta + 100%  yellow, usually ends up as a muddy color that’s isn’t black.