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I wanted to re-visit the awkward teenage lizard stage, but this time, Tevruden gets to destroy his armor too!

Prince Dante and Tevruden were out in the city and Tev smells something… leading to secret passageway.

After a mini-adventure they find what Tev was smelling was a large pile of gold.

..with predictable effects.

( 🎨: @brownsdragon)

WHOOPS, looks like Ayrens forgot it was Halloween!

Luckily his super realistic dragon “costume” is a hit with the kids.

(Thanks to @volentis for letting me borrow his boy)

This Tuesday, Tevruden is contemplating how long its going to take for him to get his armor repaired, and what excuse to give the Royal Armorsmith after this picture.

If that weredragon transformation didn’t ruin it, the dragon one did.

The boy, and his dragon/weredragon forms!

(🎨: @forsty)

Tevruden was spared his tail ripping holes in his pants this time, but it looks like its going to be just a temporary reprieve!

@fox2210/@shadesmcgee did such an excellent job with all the small details on this!

love that forepaw.

If you’re wondering why I’ve been quiet lately, Tevruden has been, well….

A bit tied up with things.

I know shark week was last week but given Voidyboy’s origins?

Its not an opportunity I could pass up.

One of the most important thing Tevruden has learned, now that he transforms into a dragon…

…is how he needs to be VERY careful about sneezing.