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Yeah, its more [REDACTED]!

Some notes:

  • Its various types of snakes, but they’re always venomous.
  • The snakes are also him, but different facets of his personality.
  • There’s possible timeline shenanigans with the snakes.

What even is the deal with Tev anymore?

I’m going full knight with him


(from @jaw-bones​)  No longer a knight-errant paladin he’s actually in service to a prince but he’s still got the small issue of lizert.

Turns that’s more of a deal for one of them than the other


At least until Tev uses that to actually get his liege to his appointments on time (yes they’re smooching now, dragons do what they want)


Oh, he can still eat magic and sometimes he gets an upset stomach from it. Thus.

This is self-indulgent and I’m NOT sorry


Thank you for coming to my Tev talk

Wanted to post all the versions of voidyboy @thevampdad did 

Angry because lizert

(still a WIP)

Now that we’re all tumblr again i can present this unrepentant granblue dialog lifting in the right format