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I had to do this properly.

I had to do this properly.

Malfurion and Illidan right here.

Malfurion and Illidan right here.

Oh Dear

Thrall: This is most heinous. Deathwing is kicking our righteous butts. We need something powerful to stop him with.

Malfurion: What about the Dragon Soul? That should be powerful enough to stop him!

Thrall: But that was destroyed years ago. We’d have to…

Both: Get it from the past!

Thrall: But Deathwing is destroying everything right now! we don’t have time to…

Malfurion: Dude, we can travel through time! We have all the time in the world! After we kick his butt, we’ll go back to the War of the Ancients, grab the soul, and put it where we can find it like right before we get here!

Thrall: Like say… In this tree stump!

*pulls the dragon soul out of a nearby stump*

Both: Excellent!

*Both start to air guitar as Nozdormu shows up in a phone booth and joins in*