trying to play mmos as someone who is conscious of social issues.png

*head tilt* 

Can we assume that OP believes themselves to be the prodigal exception to their own rules?

Because that’s how these pointless and baseless whinegraphics usually turn out. 

Stuff like this makes it seem like in order to be a good person, you cannot accomplish too much.

imagelook i get that this isn’t always applicable there are some good ppl out there but   imageTHIS IS HOW IT FEELS   imageand i know which two i am lol.. stares at 516 ilvl on my main’s pve set and pvp set from 2 seasonsago

each and every one of you’s got the fucking reading comprehension of a fucking horny duck

“oh but i’m a good person AND i’m good at the game AND good at rp”

well a.) probably not and b.) you may be all 3 of those things but you sure as hell aren’t good at reading before furiously draggin your face across the keyboard

world of warcraft fandom is fucking amazing holy shit. calm down and read the tags. have a cookie. call your mom and tell her you love her.

Literally every single person shitting the bed over this post is an awful person. I can assure you of that because she’s now getting anon hate over this, from you. The WoW fandom is disgusting, and you should all feel ashamed, because I know I’m ashamed of you. 

The tags just mean it’s purposefully inflammatory, then

Don’t expect to post inflammatory stuff like that and not get blowback.