Digital fantasy illustration of a knight-like figure in armour with a long red cloak, stalking through the hallways of a ruined castle with a greatsword held over one shoulder. He has a broken, golden crown floating over his head, and is looking towards the viewer with one wide, glowing eye. He has brown skin, long dark hair and a blue tunic, with one arm formed of enchanted floating armour connected together with glowing pink magic. Framing the image are the tattered remains of a painting of a woman holding a baby. The same yellow baby blanket is held in the man's hand.ALT

Centuries after his demise at the hands of his own people, the Forgotten King stalks the hallways he once ruled, riddled by tattered memories of a once-blessed life 👑

Reposting this lad now he’s been run through Gl*ze 2, the quality got really messed up last time.

I have two copies of this available as a print in my store!