We need to lay more blame for “Kids don’t know how computers work” at the feet of the people responsible: Google.

Google set out about a decade ago to push their (relatively unpopular) chromebooks by supplying them below-cost to schools for students, explicitly marketing them as being easy to restrict to certain activities, and in the offing, kids have now grown up in walled gardens, on glorified tablets that are designed to monetize and restrict every movement to maximize profit for one of the biggest companies in the world.

Tech literacy didn’t mysteriously vanish, it was fucking murdered for profit.

Linux is a very good and powerful alternative.

reminder: you cannot Personal Choises your way out of an Intentional Structural Problem

Fun fact! School Chromebooks block Linux. It’s not an easy alternative. You are missing the point

Going full RMS about Linux here:

Linux is the kernel which Chromebooks already run

Linux isn’t an alternative because Chromebooks already run Linux.

So to reiterate:

you cannot Personal Choices your way out of an Intentional Structural Problem