U wanna go to the north east side of the main Hawaii island where there are steep cliffs – they do helicopter tours of these massive waterfalls and it’s supposed to be otherworldly! But u must make sure they offer rides – i am not sure how often they do and I know the region itself is not accessible to tourists! Good luck if u take the tour send me images

Pukicho manifesting some serious ‘Hey Siri’ energy.

Listen to me right this very instant. The exchange of information is a human task. We developed robots merely to emulate the task. Before we had computers and phones we had words – we asked our questions and the only recipient to our begging words wrought with curiosity would be another man, a scholar, an exchanger of anecdotes. We became who we are today as a mere result of this exchange and you insult it? You undermine the aged tradition as the emulated action of those blasted robots??? You insult your ancestors, you insult culture, you insult humanity. How can you let machine stomp over you so willingly? Are you just a calf birthed to be slaughtered?

This was actual useful because until seeing this post I had not really thought about the fact they’re on the north east side.

and well…

Here’s the first time I photographed one of those waterfalls

Akaka falls, circa June 17, 2004. ALT

The photo turned 20 last week.