A portrait drawing of a dracthyr disguised as a young woman. Her skin is light-peach in color with deep pink scales covering the tops of her shoulders, her forehead, and her cheeks. Her ears are pointed and resemble webbed wings, anointed with a large pearl earring. Small, ivory horns grow from the top of her head, angling back in a swoop. Her thick, dark pink hair is tied back in a loose, fishtail braid. Atop her head rests a flower crown made of dusty pink roses, pink posies, and baby's breath. The woman smiles shyly as she holds up a gold, pink-feathered quill to draw.ALT

A new look and new dreams for Ellie 💕

After Shadowlands, Ellie finally found the courage to confront her mother and the death knight who murdered her. It was a tough fight with an outcome Ellie still has trouble processing, but there’s nothing a little time and a little love can’t help.

She reunited with the rest of her flight and lived with them for the past five years. Sometimes, though, she’d come back mortal society to enjoy some ice cream and romance novels.