How many languages do you know at least little bit of?

Remake of an older poll (link here)

Like last time I am using a strict definition of language and a loose definition of being able to speak/knowing the language.


Sign languages count, conlangs count, super similar languages only counts one & dialects of the same language usually won’t count (unless you can make multiple sentences in both that someone who only spoke the other couldn’t understand), for Norwegian being able to write both bokmÃ¥l & nynorsk only counts as one

You need to know more than 30 words and be able to construct at least one sentence for it to count. it has to be at least one of the following: writing/signing/speaking/whistling, it doesn’t have to be multiple.

(and for people with “sampling bias” concerns, this is not supposed to represent society as a whole)


How many languages do you know?

1 (USA moment?)


3 (someone who went through a normal schooling?)



6 (language enjoyer, I assume)


8 (linguist or archeologist?)



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It’s super cool if you put the languages in tags