Wisconsin White Deer Surprised by his own Antlers Shedding


aw hell no

Deer, although graceful and lovely, are fucking morons.

Who among us isn’t surprised when a part of our head flies off

As a southerner raised by rednecks, I can confirm that deer are adorable morons.

I’ve seen deer:

1.) Run from their own baby after it sneezed

2.) Run from a turkey that was chasing another turkey

3.) Run into the only tree in the middle of a field

4.) Run from ITSELF after IT sneezed

5.) Run circles around my house because a Mockingbird was imitating the wheezing sound deer use to verbally communicate a sense of unease

As a side note, as a Texan I can confirm that mockingbirds are total trolls who will also mimic thr sounds of babies crying and phones ringing so deer are definitely not the only ones getting freaked out by them

I’m PRETTY sure there’s a mockingbird around here that’s imitating part of a car alarm noise