Unclear what the benefits of Not Voting are. I don’t really see it being very disruptive to fascism. Seems pretty helpful to fascists, honestly. Letting the far right voters decide the elections unopposed may not have the desired effect of forcing the government to shift more to the left. Judging by the EU elections, it looks like it just ends up with far right leaders getting elected. But maybe the counter here is “well voting doesn’t help either because both sides are bad.” And yeah, you’re right, the status quo does suck shit, I hate leaders like Biden. But as bad as things have been in recent years, I gotta ask, are you absolutely sure things can’t get worse? Because I’m looking at the EU right now, with the fascists gaining power, and I can’t say I’m especially confident that this won’t have any new consequences.

I think some of y’all might be seriously underestimating how much worse Open Fascism is. And no, not just for privileged folks but for everyone. Like we all agree that every minority had it even worse in the past right? The same past that the fascists want to “return” to? I didn’t just dream up a whole history of bloody oppression that people have been fighting against for centuries right? Surely we made some progress worth protecting. This ain’t me arguing to maintain the status quo, fuck the status quo, this is me begging y’all to give a shit. Do something. Organize something. If you know a secret better option that will actually defeat both fascists and centrists, then please campaign the fuck out of it, I’ll even join you. But it has to actually do something.