Is weirdly that poorly educated in basic natural science or was he just banking on everyone else’s ignorance???

That’s a Tumblr Sexyman if ever I saw one. Look how his adversary is looking at him, y’all have based whole shipping mythos off flimsier context before

There’s even a fused Live Vulture Reaction + Sickos Yes Ha Ha Yes

I’m surprised Slylock isnt more of a social media thing considering it’s 37 years old, the lateral thinking puzzles can get fun to guess, it has Count Weirdly, and if you’re not into count weirdly well he has two sisters

They’re possibly even dumber than their brother but good taste in things to steal

For the furries out there Slylocks other arch rival is Cassandra Cat

More things to appreciate about Slylock:

REEKY RAT’S Punk Band Criminal Gang which includes Wanda Weasel and a condor dude I don’t know the name of

How generally gorgeous the art has gotten, holy shit his colors and his line weight, I might never get this good.

When there are pop culture references they show such broad and consistently great taste (this was in a spot the differences bonus puzzle)

So he definitely also knows exactly what he’s picking for the weekly children’s drawing submission

He draws SO MANY reptiles, bugs and spooky birds and bats but I really wanted you to see this alligator mom

This specific little maggot blob dog that consistently appears in Weirdly’s castle

Almost everything going on in this one:

  • Weirdly keeps a framed photo of Plankton on his wall. Is Plankton real in this universe or is he a cartoon?
  • He keeps a dead baby swordfish in a fishbowl that he also uses as a candle holder directly on the floor let’s look closer at that
  • Amazing
  • There’s a huge earthworm next to his lunch
  • There’s just a bone hanging from the ceiling by a rope
  • Bitch was gloating about how he was gonna turn Slylock into a robot but apparently also while eating a bowl of straight sour cream like it’s a soup
  • It was rotten (which he knew) and now ruined his plan by giving him the shits
  • Slylock knowing he’s in absolutely no danger as usual but god does he just wish he could have had a nice normal Sunday