I don’t care about Dungeon Meshi otherwise but “Tallmen” is SUCH an elegant solution to placing humans in a fantasy setting that it’s still blowing my mind. Just the term itself is enough to instantly recontextualize humans. They’re no longer the default race. They’re those big goobers with long legs, striding about all the time. I can so easily envision much more interesting relationships between humans and non-humans because of it. Like perhaps “tallmen” are stereotyped as shepherds by other races because they can watch over their flocks better, or as vagabonds because they are better suited to long travel on foot. And of course, they don’t *literally* have to be taller than everybody else, they were just the tallest around whenever the label became the norm, or something like that. I just feel like it’s so much better than what I’ve seen in settings like D&D that go “and humans are the… adaptable, generalist people :)!”