Anyway for those of you not enmeshed with tumblr’s transgender mycelial network, or otherwise on its periphery, basically every damn day of pride month another couple trans bloggers have gotten wiped, regardless of blog content, following, blog age, anything, and it shows no sign of slowing. In general it seems to be hitting transfems more liberally, but transmasc and nonbinary friends of mine have also been wiped for their steadfast solidarity or Just Cause. There’s also been an uptick in posts being almost immediately marked mature by community tags for no discernible reason beyond “Posting While Trans”. This is a time to stick together like goddamn epoxy resin. Vocally defend and support each other. Block and ignore any wretched cunt spreading callouts or stirring up shit. Make sure you have a way to talk to your friends beyond this site. Don’t buy badges, don’t blaze, cold shoulder the fuck out of mod blogs, and give voice to your discontent.

Bite the hand🖤