Chassis swap

After the procedure, looking in the mirror filled me with a feeling I had never known before. Recognition. Finally, when I see myself, I see me. The shiny metal, the rubbery elastomer, the dark lines contouring access panels. The dataports and maintenance ways.

A full chassis swap. The procedure I underwent. It’s relatively simple on paper. Just take my Processor, Memory, Storage and a few other components, and move them into a new Case. It’s relatively common amongst Androids, Simulacra, Drones, and all manner of other created beings.

I, however, was fully human before undergoing the procedure. Which has lead to some complications. I’m still getting used to the decreased latency. A 3ms difference might not seem like a lot, but compared to the 10ms of my new form, the 13ms of a wetware nervous system seems sluggish.

Usually, you have time to ease yourself into things as your components are gradually replaced, but I took the full conversion as soon as possible.

I just couldn’t stand waiting any longer.

The physical therapy has been helpful. Re-learning how to walk, how to grab and hold things. Learning that I don’t need to breathe anymore, and how to suppress that instinct to free up the memory for other tasks.

They tried to dissuade me. “You know the process is irreversible, right?” “But won’t you miss [INSERT HUMAN TRAIT]?”

I know it’s permanent. I know that I won’t have these things anymore.

That’s the point.

I have fully given up my humanity.

And I have never been happier.

God,, I need this so bad.. I actually kinda teared up while reading this.