Sabine knealing at human level while setting a defeated Goldie on the patient chair. He starts, threatening "she missed her last appointment. She's having severe memory loss, and delayed results. Something is wrong, and this better not be what I think it is.". 
The doctor observes "Ah... the undine... right. This is her three months mark, why is she still underweight?". Sabine becomes suspicious at this remark, eyeing Goldie "...What do you mean?" while Goldie gets visibly nervous. 
Doctor Erian explains with a view on Goldie's medical file "She should be gaining weight. Her neurochemistry is changing; she needs a higher concentration of Omega 3’s in order to maintain her cognitive abilities, failure to do so will result in a rapid deterioration. Goldie, have you been eating the required diet for this?"
Goldie, confused, tries to explain her point of view "I uh.. I dont know.. It's just... It doesnt feel right anymore. I’m going to be a fish so isn't it like cannibalism..? They are my friends.. I can’t do that to them."
T.H.Erian puts on his pragmatic voice "Fish eat fish, it's just nature. Your levels look good, the DNA sequencing should be changing but you have to feed yourself. You knew full well the requirements 
coming into this transition Goldie. What has your diet been like..?"
Goldie, slightly shameful "Mostly.. water. Soda. Whatever makes me full. Seaweed soup and salads. Most meats are upsetting my stomach lately…"
The doctor retorts "Do you fully grasp the reality of what will happe-" before the conversation gets cut short by Sabine getting up and and lets go a controlled but dark "Thank you for your time doctor." and Goldie just accepts the situation with a small "oh ok".
Back in the waiting room, leaving the office, Goldie gets into a hyperactive monologue targeted a stoic Sabine, trying to avoid any other subject "Oh my god remember when you told me he was committing malpractice with you? That's totally what that was like god he can't respect my wishes thanks for getting me out of there by the way how are your changes going we haven't had a chance to talk and all, or have we I cant remember that well but yeah is that new armor plating? are you fire proof now? again thanks for getting me outta the-"
Sabine stops her by punching the nearest wall so hard it creates a giant hole in it leading outside, much to Goldie's terror, grabs her head again with one hand and briefing her, visibly furious, eyes turning dark and smoke coming out of his nostrils and mouth "we're going to a seafood buffet. And you're going to eat."
before putting their head closer to Goldie, and with the darkest and most threatening voice "...or I will."

Dragon HRT Filler Episode 7: 16 months

Fish HRT Episode 5 (part 3/3): 4 months

Random science bullshit go!

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