image features three full body drawings of the client's anthropomorphic shark-feline character Fishbone on an oceanic / nautical themed background. fishbone is wearing three unique outfits. the left features a black crop top with a shark silhouette pattern, a cream bucket hat, and pale ripped jeans. here, fishbone is posed  about to indulge in a blue sea salt ice cream treat. the middle sports a warm dark tuque, a white and black striped sweater, brown slacks and a hoodie tied around the waist. a compass hangs from an unseen belt. in this drawing, fishbone is holding some rope. the third is reminiscent of a sea captain, with a brown frock coat accented with fishing net at the waist, and blue trousers. the net has fishing lures and seaweed tangled in it. the lapels of the coat have golden accents resembling simplified rib bones. here fishbone is laughing boisterously, carrying a rum bottle in one hand.ALT

「 commission 」 outfit reference for wargwitch