I’ve had a few people ask me about Eidel so I made this to help explain him.

He’s like. idk. Part Slenderman, part Saul Goodman, part jerk bird. I mean blue jay. I mean don’t call him a blue jay.

Someone on Cara told me he has tumblr sexyman energy so you can tell me if that matches up.

Oh I’m on Cara now, btw. You can find me here! On the general whole I’m trying to cultivate my art in a way that isn’t exclusively focused on fandom and it’s been a real positive place to do it so far. Def recommend people give it a peek!

More about Eidel since I’m rebloggin’ him anyway.

  • He may look tall out of context, but this fella is a modest 5’6"
  • His voice is deeper than one would expect
  • He’s not kidding about the coffee. When he’s at the office you can expect to see a cup or two in his hands at all times. And he is USUALLY at the office.
  • Let’s talk about the hands! If you’re paying attention you can tell which were his OG hands. The rest of them aren’t 100% on listening to him all the time. Some of them seem to be looking out for him. Others seem to make his life a nuisance. He’s been seen with up to twelve, each with their own individual personalities. But most of the time the number of arms varies. He’s most often seen with the six you see here.
  • Eidel always wears the same suit. He has a closet full of identical ones. You will never see Eidel out of the suit unless I have a lapse in judgement.
  • His best friend is a robot that works in the loading dock of The Waiting Room, Inc.

I have so much more! But that is for LATER. Anyway I dunno I just think he’s neat, guys.