a comic about the new episode of doctor who, The Devil's Chord! the doctor and ruby talk about where they should travel to.
doctor: "where in time and space do u want to go?"
ruby: "i want to see the beatles!"ALT
the doctor grins and points at her
doctor: "brilliant. i know just where to go."
ruby: "amazing!! thank you doctor"ALT
the doctor stands cuntily at the tardis console inputting info. ruby grasps her hands and muses.

ruby: "i can't believe it's finally going to happen... i'm finally going to see what i've only ever read about in interviews with the beatles..."ALT
close-up on ruby as she says "...the time they got together and jerked off in the same room!"ALT
the doctor stops typing and stares blanklyALT
he turns around and somberly says "ruby..."

ruby looks concernedALT
but then with a huge smile he swivels a console around revealing a screen that says "DESTINATION: THE TIME THE BEATLES JERKED OFF IN THE SAME ROOM"

ruby smilesALT

google it

oh yeah, the world learned about this on 17th anniversary of 9/11