Uh oh, Gamers. I’ve got a new DnD character.

Melete (she/they- pronounced “Mih-lee-tee”) is a CN Centaur Dream Cleric for the setting/campaign “Black Ballad” by Storyteller’s Forge! The premise is- everyone in the party has died and the adventure takes place in the afterlife.

She began life as a playful, benevolent fey who eased the dreams of human children and led them on fun little adventures through the woods.

As The War ™ approached her territory, she became progressively more desperate and violent to protect both her fey and the children.

We’re starting the game at level 11, so by the time she died (in glorious battle,) she was a guerilla commander/witch leading her fey comrades to sabotage warmachines and kill soldiers.

Anyway, I just came up with her Monday and I am Attached.