Hey guys, how’s it going? I’d really like to get back to what things used to feel like online, the fun we had with WoW gobs etc… but it’ll take a while if it ever manages to. 99% of my drawing time is poured into comic work, which isn’t as easily shareable, but it’s also not WoW or fanart, which is the biggest thing, really.

But maybe I should start sharing some more… So here’s a little sneak peek of some cropped pages as I inch by on Chapter 6.

(I’ve been ridiculously busy irl and I’ve barely had time to make progress. I’ve been out of the house for all but I think 3-ish days in all of May, one of which is coming up, and then immediately after that I’ll be out of state and then away from home still for about two more weeks straight.)

Anyway, the Goblin Rise goblins are still available to be asked questions here, and I’ll do a little doodle for them! When I have time of course lol.