In a simple children's illustrated book style, Kalec is clinging to Khadgar and shivering out of fear as he is telling him how he will ask Alexstrasza to burn down the cave full of spiders in Vault of Incarnates. In his imagination, he thinks Alexstrasza will do it, but Alexstrasza obviously says no. Khadgar is just confused as he remembers Kalecgos, now in his dragon form, cartoonishly cowering in fear and climbing an ice pillar to get away from a tiny spider. ALT
Dialogue from Vault of Incarnates, between Khadgar and Kalecgos.
(Before killing the spider boss)
Khadgar: If Kurog can manifest creatures this powerful, we should proceed with caution. 
Khadgar: We'll need to destroy any that remain before we confront him.
Kalecgos: Just as long as none of them are spiders.
(After defeating the spider boss)
Kalecgos: Good riddance! I wish Alexstrasza were here. This whole den must be cleansed with fire!
Khadgar: Another time, my friend. The Grand Summoner awaits. ALT

Vault of Incarnates is so much fun because where else will you get a whole raid worth of Khadgar and Kalec, where he is whining like a pathetic wet beast about spiders and using millennial humor of “kill it with fire”.

Also this is a children’s book illustration style, so that Kalec can show it to his own clutch one day, as Khadgar would’ve wanted 🙂

Screenshot of the in chat dialogue.
Khadgar: Who knows? This battle may inspire a tale that you can share with your own clutch one day.ALT