I am not joking I am not exaggerating the thirst on this fucking website for cis dudes w a lil extra fat on their chests… And the insistence on referring to those as titties and boobs and big naturals. Has made me (trans man) feel significantly better about my boobs! Everyone here sees a dude with big ol bazoonkas and goes fucking apeshit. Hell yeah. Men’s tits. I got those too! Maybe they’re also hot on me! Holy shit! Men’s tits!

You guys really like this post huh

The notes on this post:

1 hell yeah men’s tits

2 sorry what did you say I saw men’s tits and blacked out and reblogged

3 I’m also a trans guy/trans masc and I feel the same way!

4 I’m a fat cis guy and I feel the same way!

5 I’m a trans guy/ trans masc and I feel differently but I’m happy for u

6 I’m a lesbian, I don’t even go here, but fuck yeah everybody loving their body is great

7 I’m a trans girl and I feel the same abt something this website finds hot (girldick, tall girls, also men’s tits cuz less traditionally feminine titties being hot is great for anyone who wants to be happy with their body)

8 me wondering how the fuck my post got so many notes

9 people responding to that with what did you expect you posted abt men’s tits on the liking men’s tits website

2 sorry what did

you say I saw men’s tits and

blacked out and reblogged

Beep boop! I look for accidental haiku posts. Sometimes I mess up.