Zoozve, my beloved

“…we don’t live in a big clockwork, we live in a dance club…”

This is my favorite line.

I have learned so many things from this.

@dduane – one for you!

It’s a fabulous thing, isn’t it! 🙂

As usual, science is busy being not only weirder and more interesting than we imagine, but weirder and more interesting than we can imagine.

It DID get named Zoozve:

WGSBN Bulletin 4, #2:

New Names of Minor Planets
The following new names of minor planets have been approved by the


(524522) Zoozve = 2002 VE68
Discovery: 2002-11-11 / LONEOS / Anderson Mesa / 699
This object is the first-identified quasi-satellite of a major planet (Venus). When artist Alex Foster drew this object on a solar system poster for children, he mistook the initial characters of the provisional designation as letters, thus coining an odd and memorable moniker. Name suggested by Latif Nasser.