AXEL FROSTFANG is a blue-and-purple dragon with large fish-like plate scales, a purple mane and belly, and fins from his jaw. He has gold rings ornamenting his horns, and gold beads on the fins and the ends of his whiskers. He is triumphant, holding up one hand with icy sparks spinning around a glowing crystal shard. The other hand is clenched with more swirling icy sparks and a ring of ice crystals around it. Pages of frosty paper covered in glowing blue sigils are spinning around the character, with an open grimoire at the bottom of the image. A blue-black background swirls behind him, and large ice crystals frame the bottom 2/3rds of the image.ALT


an absolutely enormous project for Axel! I learned SO much in the process of creating this piece, and I’m deeply proud of it. Definitely recommend opening it in a tab to check out those details!