pokemon transformation donations-for-palestine commissions OPEN!

the semester’s over and i have more free time than usual so it’s FINALLY time to do some donation comms! for this i’m keeping it to pokemon, for now, since it’s what i’m most comfortable with and i want to make sure i get these all done.

the way this works: you make a donation to a gofundme from the vetted list for people fleeing gaza here. you show me proof of donation- a (your full name redacted if you like, i don’t need your personal info) receipt of your donation (and i’ll check using the public “x donated $amount” list on the gofundme page. since the timing & amount will match, you can do that anonymously, if you like).

note that this must be a new donation, not one made any time before this post. that acts as your payment for the commission! you message me here on tumblr what you’d like.


  • character to become a pokemon can be a canon pokemon character, your oc, a character from another media, a human, a furry, whatever you like.
  • character must be 18 or older. no baby pokemon, either (first-stage is fine, specifically referring to ‘baby’ mons like pichu or toxel)
  • no nsfw. chest nudity is fine, though.
  • your character must be becoming a pokemon!

i’m doing payment by stages! you can get a one, two, or three-stage sequence, each costing $20 per stage. to be completed over the next few weeks, ideally. may take a bit longer depending on how my thesis research is going.


a single-stage TF of flying type gym leader falkner becoming a staraptor. his hands turn into wings, his mouth into a beak, and his legs into clawed feet.ALT
a single-stage TF of dragon gym leader claire becoming a kingdra. her face lengthens into a snout, one arm begins to resorb back into her body, and her legs fuse into a curly seahorse tail.ALT


a two-panel tf sequence of a person becoming an applin after taking a bite of a big apple. in the first panel, his face becomes a snout, his legs begin to fuse into a tail, and one of his arms fuses to his torso. in the second, he is an applin, sitting in his now too-large clothes and propping himself up on the dropped appleALT


a three-stage sequence of a person transforming into a flygon- starting mostly human, with a short tail and spreading patches of green skin, in the middle half-turned, with an elongating neck, emerging antennae, a longer tail, and wings bursting out from beneath the shirt, and lastly as a complete flygon.ALT


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