My subs have those barcode tattoos, but it’s not some kind of slavery play like it often is…

See we’re got a complicated poly free-use situation going on with lots of extended polycule members who may drop in and want to borrow a sub or three for a scene or a month.

So we designed our system around the non-kinky institution that most closely resembles our situation, where we’ve got a bunch of individual “resources” that need to be loaned out to verified patrons and tracked so we can tell where our items are, when they are supposed to be back, if they’re late to be returned, and put holds on them.

So we’re using a library management program.

You just go to the circulation desk, scan your polycule card, then the subs you want to check out. It’s a simple and efficient solution!

We’re still having some teething problems with late returns, though. And it’s trickier than we expected to fill out the item description pages. How exactly do you categorize a bisexual transmasc painslut with a thing for puppy play into the Dewey decimal system? Still, the work continues.

I’m not going to lie I saw

poly free-use situation

and my brain immediately turned it into

poly use after free situation