A reference sheet showing several drawings of the same werewolf standing bipedally. He is very seal-like, mostly resembling a leopard seal in colouration and facial structure. His teeth have notches to filter krill and all his tissues including his teeth and the extensive scarring on his left side which cuts through his short but very dense thick fur. He is dark grey on top and pale grey/white underneath, darkest at his head and paler by his tail. His flanks have dense black spotting which extends onto the white of his lower belly. His lower legs are very short while his arms are long and webbed to form flippers. In one close-up drawing he is lunging for a simply-drawn krill. Text in the image points out various features and reads "Extensive scarring on left side. Teeth, flesh, blood all black. Notch [in his tail]. Blind eye and torn eyelid. Fur is extremely dense, scars cut into it. Cut goes through [left] eyeball. Small ear flaps. Spots on flanks and belly. Ankle joined to the tail, not very separate. Krill filtering premolar and carnassial shape. Hand claws very small. Jóhann he's a werewolf" with arrows highlighting the 'wolf' part of the word. In the background is an abstract design of swirls and knotwork. ALT

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creature FAQ

“why give a seal legs/external ears?” not a seal (though really obviously based off of one), he’s a speciating werewolf from a sea ice type habitat

“qallupilluit/selkie/other mythological creature?” no, bargain basement dnd werewolf reskin

“crabeater teeth!” yeah kinda, but actually there’s a whole group of seals with lobed teeth you should check them out! my favourite seals are leopard seals and the overall long sleek body shape (minus legs) was more inspired by them.

“i want to pet him” he’s a grown man who hates being touched. he has a phd and teeth like a greenwood saw blade