these were supposed to be quick scribbles and they spiraled vastly out of control, THEY HAVE FUCKING BACKGROUNDS NOW??? THAT IS NOT SCRIBBLING???? OTL

Anyway, Narilamb compilation of relationship texts/posts I found suitably fitting and/or hilarious. 😀 I waffled on whether or not I should keep the ‘human rights violation’ bit or change it to ‘animal rights violation’, but then I decided I was overthinking it and stopped giving a shit. 😀

Here’s the texts/posts in question:

I couldn’t resist picking out unique robes for each of them; Leshy gets the jester costume (obviously), Heket has the evening frock (I just think it’s cute on her, okay???), Kallamar gets the fancy robe (because let’s be honest, that boi has GOT to be fancy), and Shamura has the modest robe (since it looks nice and comfy but with a nice spicy hint of gothic). Narinder, meanwhile, obviously gets the night shirt, because its description is literally, ‘A MOODY ENSEMBLE, PERFECT FOR LURKING’, and if that ain’t Bastard Cat material, I don’t know what is.

Also have this bonus doodle with a quote from David Cronenberg’s ‘Consumed’:

~So Romantic~


with caveats