Yeah. Well. Val knows Beriith is tall compared to her, but she lacked context as to how tall Beriith is compared other members of his race. And. Hm. Yeah. Beriith is tall, even compared to his own kind. Not, like, unnaturally so? but tall enough for other goets to note it as a significant feature of his.

I also never draw Val’s and Beriith’s actual height difference unless it’s a full body picture :’) she’s just lunking around several Scully boxes so she can fit in the frame better.

(the map also isn’t a representation of any region in the story/world, i haven’t made any maps for the world so i had to whip up something map-like for this piece.)

(also Goet language isnt like. a real conlang and not even a real cipher, its just nonsense, i should redo the font too.)


One significant Beriith feature that I can’t really convey well is that he speaks with a noticeable accent. I’ve thought about phonetic accents a lot (thanks to another of my projects which has a character with severe speech impediment of not having lips) and since the balance of fun and annoying is quite delicate, I don’t really write them out unless I really have to, and even then I’d downplay it. Beriith’s accent isn’t meant to be to thick anyway.

More accent talk under cut for those interested.

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