Pick a kinky superpower…

Injury suffered/inflicted during kink heals eventually no matter how severe

Can knock out/be knocked out instantly by touch

Can control others arousal level or have your arousal level controlled by others

All your bindings and restraints are inescapable and safe until untied/released

Can transform your body at will into what turns you/others on

Have/can give access to a hammerspace that contains any kink gear you can name

Have a wardrobe that contains perfectly fitting fetishwear of all kinds

Everyone knows your preferred title/role and treats you accordingly

You know where the nearest person who wants to play with you and your kink is

Direct eye-contact with you is always hypnotic, hypnotising you or others

You know/your partner knows exactly how your partner/you feels while doing kink

You will always have an enthusiatic audience for your exhibitionism kinks

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Note: Powers only work with enthusiastic consent!

The trans pride flag, with the caption "official international pride flag for shapeshifters" ALT