there’s a massive cadre of people on here who can best be described by the phrase “be gay do war crimes”

#it’s me#I’m that person

this is not intended to be a funny quirky joke meme phrase it’s a description of american or otherwise western gays with deeply imperialist and racist tendencies, you do not want to say you’re this person

Genuinely can you shut the fuck up. do you hear yourself rn

@clarissa39 are you sure you kicked the racism and imperialism? Cause it sure doesn’t fucking seem like it

Yeah you’re right, it’s an ongoing process to correct my attitudes and it’s going to take a lot of time and effort but is very much the right thing to do. What I mean here is what I have done and been complicit in in the past doesn’t go away because I’m getting better and trying to correct my past errors.

Also because I was involved in the YPG in Syria as an irregular, so an illegal combatant…you know, a war criminal

Like very literally this is why I joke about it.

you could’ve led with that last part and saved everyone a lot of trouble but it is admittedly very funny that you didn’t