I am now thinking more about the Jurassic Park/World – Animorphs crossover AU (Dinomorphs?). It has stuck in my head like a bad song and I can’t get it out.

  1. InGen and any of the other companies involved with making the dinosaurs would be taken over by the Yeerks almost as soon as the Yeerks arrive. These companies have biological engineering capabilities approaching the level of the Arn, but on a much better planet. The Yeerks would be salivating over that.
  2. Following on from this: Hybrid dinosaurs like the Indo-series Rex and Raptor or the Stegoceratops from the video games are probably Yeerk projects. The Yeerks are looking for ways to create more shock troops to unleash on the Andalites.
  3. Similarly, we could expect to see even more interesting hybrids involving alien DNA. Velocihorks and Pterotaxxons and Geddosaurs. I imagine most of these hybrid projects would be failures that illustrate the depravity and utter inhumanity of the Yeerks, like the failed Aquatic Hork-Bajir project.
  4. Dinosaur-controllers, mostly with medium-sized dinosaurs that can function as guards or shock-troops but aren’t too big to fit inside of Yeerk ships. As much as Visser Three would love to have Tyrannosaur-Controllers on the payroll, they’re just too big and their arms too tiny to be useful to the Empire on a day to day basis. (I imagine this is the same reason the Yeerks can’t deploy the giant monsters on the Hork-Bajir homeworld to other planets – their spaceships just can’t hold the critters, there’s not enough room.)
  5. Visser Three, of course, would have all the big dinosaur morphs. He can bypass the “too big to fit” limitation thanks to Alloran’s morphing ability.
  6. Because the Yeerks have to use smaller dinosaurs in their ships and Yeerk Pools, the Animorphs could still use their regular battle morphs (or in Ax’s case, his normal Andalite body) for a lot of the fighting, if they aren’t able to acquire dinosaurs themselves. And if Visser Three turns into something too big for them to handle, they can do what they usually do and run.
  7. If the dinosaurs have escaped into the wild before the Animorphs get into the war, then smaller dinosaur morphs could be acquired at Cassie’s barn.
  8. Following on from the last point – if Cassie has any mid-size theropods at the Barn, or if there are any at The Gardens, then Tobias definitely gets stuck as one of those instead of a hawk.
  9. How would the chimeric DNA of the dinosaurs affect morphing allergies? What if Rachel burps up a Baryonyx or an Ankylosaurus because it has the part of the crocodile DNA that she’s allergic to in it? Is this how we find out Jake is allergic to Tree Frog DNA?
  10. Toby and the Free Hork-Bajir adopt a dinosaur early on. I don’t know what kind yet.