I had an interview with a local paper this week about this rock snake I started on the longest street of a nearby city (where I work) because it’s bringing people so much joy:

I said something during the interview that the interviewer seemed really shocked by, so in case it’s important for anyone else to hear: When asked about the rock snake and some scavenger hunts that I’ve hosted for adults, I said –

“We don’t stop enjoying the things we liked as kids; they just stop being offered to us. And when you’re a kid, fun things like art projects and scavenger hunts are always brought to you, so you’re not taught to make a habit of seeking them out as and adult.”

She said “Wow yeah… life is so stressful… and you don’t think to… wow.”

So if anyone else needs direct permission to be a whimsical adult child today, I hereby grant it to everyone. ❤️

It’s so soon to reblog this, but I was on the phone with my Mom, and she mentioned making me an Easter basket. I laughed and said “Thank you for excitedly making me an Easter basket at the ripe age of [insert an age over 18],” and she goes “You don’t stop liking what you did as a kid, people stop presenting it to you.” 😂❤️🥺