This is a documented thing! It occurs most often with hearts but can happen with any transplanted organ. It’s called ‘cellular memory’ and I wrote a whole paper on it during my freshman year of uni. It’s also why some transplant recipients experience new preferences, thoughts, and sometimes behaviors their donor was known to have. Like favourite foods or drinks, subtle changes in personality (like becoming a bit more daring, etc), and more. It’s usually temporary as the organ adjusts to its new person’s preferences, experiences, habits, etc. It’s fascinating and awesome and I would love to study it in-depth someday.

Which is why I want all of my organs upon death given to the same person. Hostile takeover from within.

I’m just trying to figure out what situation would require multiple organ transplants all at once.

Doctor: well the bad news is that all of your everything is fucked. The good news is that someone with an odd final request just died