I love R. Dorothy Wayneright so much it’s unreal.

#HELLO?!?!? what is this

It’s The Big O, a turn-of-the-millennium mecha anime series made by Sunrise after they did some work on Batman the Animated Series, with a style very heavily influenced by that (as well as Giant Robo). Professional negotiator Roger Smith is secretly the pilot of the skyscraper-sized ‘megadeus’ Big O, a massive robot that he can send through a secret subway system to emerge anywhere it is needed within the domed metropolis of Paradigm City. Assisted by his butler Norman, Roger is soon joined by the deadpan android R. Dorothy Wayneright.

The Big O is remembered for its distinctive retro visuals, incredible soundtrack, gorgeous mech design and battles, and the really bizarre places the plot went later on.


Today I learned that Big O is no longer one of the dozen most instantly recognizable anime to everyone who knows what anime is. When did that happen 🙁