This is my new fav picture.

The best part about this is that it’s completely plausible that it’s a totally casual thing. The Justice League has to crash in a hotel room together and share a bed. We already know Diana has no qualms about sharing her bed with men without any sexual connotation to it. And Batman and Superman are bros (usually depending on your preferred continuity), so this is basically just Superfriends cuddling in bed like it’s casual.

They’re also on a fold-out sofa which suggests they are, in fact, in the basement of the Kent family home. 

Ma Kent is not going to be pleased when she sees all three of them are still wearing their shoes. 

Clark: Would you relax?

Bruce: There’s an actual pillow right there.

Clark: Look, if you’re not comfortable…

Bruce: I’m never comfortable.

Diana: Both
your flanks are guarded by people who can punch out mountains. Clark
has super-hearing. You have literally never been safer in your life.

Bruce: Does Clark have super waking-up-if-there-are-ninjas powers?

Clark: Yes. Go to sleep.

listen this is cannon and anyone willing to disagree can choke

Hes uncomfortable because theres no bat-alarm-clock, obviously.

If ANYONE can explain why they need to wear the shoes in bed it’s Batman

(also she just gets new sheets from bruce wayne three weeks later– they become the Good Sheets)