Illustration of two dragons with cat-like faces sitting one in front of the other. The one in front has black fur, green eyes, green horns, and wears a red collar with a bell. The one in the back has cream colored fur with light orange stripes, blue eyes and blue horns. The background is one blue circle and one green circle. To the right, vertical text reads, "流浪貓 Stray Cat" in white and "威脅者 Menace". There is an artist signature near the bottom of the image that reads "@daily-dragon-drawing"ALT

#74 & #75流浪貓 (liúlàng māo / stray cat) & 威脅者 (wēixié zhě / menace) – My two favorite internet cats!!! A master and his apprentice 💖🐈💕🐈‍⬛💞

@straycatj I turned you into a dragon…I hope it’s ok……


Illustration of the black dragon attacking the cream-colored dragon, similar pose to straycatj meme. Artist signature reads "@daily-dragon-drawing"ALT