Remember when it turned out the legal documents for Russian PsyOps Attacking Hillary from the US Department of Justice didn’t even mention tumblr as one of the sites affected so they probably just deleted a bunch of black bloggers for being critical of the democratic party in a liberal post election hissy fit with no evidence of them being linked to the Kremlin but you still get people who trot out the old Russian PsyOps On Tumblr canard all the time?

Also while on Twitter and Facebook the Russian government’s psyops were spreading actual disinformation the “psyops” on here were just like… Saying stuff about Hillary Clinton/The Democratic Party that was either easily verifiable facts or reasonable speculation.

They had to change it from Russian Disinformation Scandal to Russian PsyOps Scandal because most of the posts were just correct information that they didn’t like




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I mean no, I don’t remember that, and even if I did my memory is incorrect, or incomplete, tumblr is mentioned right there in the congressional record:

I yield to the gentlewoman from Wisconsin (Ms. Moore) to read a quote from the Mueller report.
Ms. MOORE. Madam Speaker, of course I am reading from volume I, pages 22 through 24, inclusive.
“Dozens of IRA employees were responsible for operating accounts and personas on different U.S. social media platforms. The IRA referred to employees assigned to operate the social

[[Page H3828]]

media accounts as `specialists.’ Starting as early as 2014, the IRA’s U.S. operations included social media specialists focusing on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The IRA later added specialists who operated on Tumblr and Instagram accounts.


Weird I had to dig for this?????