While fascinating, Lavender’s mimicry capabilities have their drawbacks. Certain models seem a little too out of reach for him, others are impossible to copy- and honestly some are too weird even for him!
Large, terrestrial and aquatic mammals are a big no no for Lavender, after all he’s cold blooded and very reptile like. How does he get around this? he doesnt. he just. tries his best and fails miserably. Do you really call that a horse? come on! it doesnt even has hair and hooves! it must be painful to gallop using your bare fists!
Birds are different, they’re easy to mimic, the issue is that most of them are small and fragile. The very few birds that are bigger than your usual little songbird are either flightless or have long, and i say long necks. This does not bode well for his feeding habits nor his health, as it can cause respiratory difficulties and trouble trying to swallow food whole. Not even going to specify about mimicking smaller things like fish, lizards, insects, slugs… yadda yadda yadda your average nothingburger critters of the woods, you get it. They’re completely out of reach; at least he got the hang with harpies and lamias.