Wow this lil thing is going places… Id love to talk about her as she’s arguably the oldest rubber character I’ve made that I still draw ✨

In my world magic is just something that you can go learn in school. She wanted to become a supplier for healing potions in her home town which was kinda far from any suppliers, making them fairly pricey.

She lives in a small cabin on the edge of town and makes daily batches of medicinal magic stuff, but she also used what she learned to make transformation potions~

Its a little side thing she has going. She doesn’t ask to sell them in town as it’s a bit taboo still, but folks still come by because they heard about the “Rubber Sheep Lady That Can Turn Me Into a Cat.”

She loves doing it. While yes it’s a kink thing, it’s also just…who she is. She deeply enjoys being just…this round, cute, soft thing. She also enjoys helping others find their true self, or just having fun as a cow for a while.