TimTim AU

=Tim’s greatest daily struggle is to trying not to burst out in laughter, especially unprompted. Drake and him have the same sense of weird humor, so they often end up making each other laugh. Problem is, only Tim can hear Drake, so this just ends up making Tim look insane when he just starts giggling to himself for what looks like no reason.

=After a year of living in one body, Tim and Drake start sharing each other’s major scars. It’s one reason why Tim starts to grow out his hair to help cover the burn scar on the back of his neck that originated from Drake.

=Tim develops a habit of finding small, hidden spaces to take naps in, both at the manor and Mount Justice. The only people that usually can find him are Alfred or Kon. Dick to his credit keeps trying, but he’s still never found Tim once.

=After awhile, Raven actually offers to teach Tim soul magic, the very same magic she uses to project her Soul-Self.